The Decade Past and Next

As the calendar flips to 2020, I’m jotting down some thoughts on the past decade and the one ahead. The past ten years were quite eventful, with more ups than downs, but I’m still not quite living my best life as I write this. Fortunately, my plans to do so are taking shape, and there’s reason to be optimistic that the upcoming decade will be even better. And hopefully that happens sooner rather than later!

The 2010s

The 2010s saw me get married (best decision I’ve made), leave the law firm and start my in-house legal job, among many things. Leaving the law firm helped improve my quality of life immediately. Working in-house has been a positive change and I still find things to enjoy about it. If the past decade has been quite good, why would I want anything to change?

It’s human nature to want to improve their lot in life, and I’m no different. Working in-house is a vast improvement to working at a law firm. But, I want to find a situation that’s even better than the current one I’m in.

There are certainly many factors in favor of continuing to work in my current job. But, it’s a regular struggle as I weigh staying or quitting. While I know I can continue toughing it out, I increasingly feel the desire to spend my time and energy on other things. Sometimes, I’m simply tired and want to have a break.

The past decade of working and saving has given me some degree of freedom to find alternatives, whether it’s another job that’s a better fit or other activities or opportunities. I think it’s time to enjoy the fruits of my labor even more and the potential freedom it affords.

The Decade Ahead

As I look ahead to 2020 and beyond, my latest thinking is that I’ll work at my current job for no more than 12-18 additional months.

There are still things I want to get done at work, and part of me wants to see how the next year goes before I leave. Increasing my savings is a consideration as well. Also, while I have a general sense of what I’m looking for in pursuing my best life, I need to further flesh out how I’d actually spend or organize my time. Continuing to work where I am gives me a comfortable setup to do the above.

That said, lately I’ve been thinking that what I need, at least for now, is a job change. There are several things about working at an interesting company that I like — building a business, being on a team, putting my skills to productive ends — so one possibility is that I may not quit jthe corporate world entirely.

Perhaps I just need to change to a company or industry that’s at a more mature stage of the business lifecycle, and where nights and weekends are generally free (unlike my current company). Of course, there are negative aspects of working for wages or being beholden to someone else that are present even if the hours are shorter, so perhaps I just need to quit the corporate world cold turkey.

Either way, the winds of change are stirring, and I feel like quitting my current job is a matter of when, and not if. While I can’t predict exactly what will happen in the upcoming decade, I think better days are ahead, if the past one is any indication.

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