Now and Later

As I mentioned previously, I’ve been working a ton over these past few months, and the end seems far away. As a result, much of the COVID-19 pandemic to date has passed in a blur. I’ve only vaguely registered that summer is ending and autumn is beginning. During busy times like these, I sometimes wonder whether the conscious decision to invest significant time and energy now for more freedom later is worth it.

However, it’s not a binary choice between enjoyment of life now or later. I want to enjoy life now AND later (even if it’s more weighted on the later side).

While I work a lot, my work has been interesting and I’m okay continuing to do it for now. Fortunately, working from home allows me more flexibility to find enjoyment throughout the day. Whether I’m biking in the early morning before sitting in front of my computer or making dinner while on a conference call (with video turned off), I try to find joy in the interstitial moments of the work day.

Ultimately, I want it all. If I can continue to find ways to sustain me now, I think I (and by extension my family and friends) will benefit later — financially and otherwise — so it’s worthwhile to continue on my current path, until my mind or circumstances change. As the classic candy says, it’s hard now, but soft and chewy later. Let’s hope life is the same way.

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