“…the desired state of humanity [is] otium (not so much ‘leisure’, as it is usually translated, but the state of being in control of one’s own time)”

Mary Beard, SPQR

Ironically, after starting this blog, I’ve been spending more time in front of a screen, to help me in my quest to spend less time doing that. But, it seems worthwhile to gather and hone my thoughts and to document my journey, as I pursue financial independence and otium. I don’t know what will come out of this effort, but I hope it will be fun and illuminating for me, and useful and interesting for others.

As for me, the person behind this blog: I’m married, with no kids, live in a high cost of living area in the US and have been a practicing attorney for over a decade. I used to work at a large law firm (aka Biglaw) and now, thankfully, I’m an in-house attorney at a tech startup.

More information about my journey to date can be found here. Our Investor Policy Statement can be found here.

To contact me, you can email me at og [at] otiumgoals [dot] [you can guess].