Bookmarks and Blogroll

Below are links to articles and resources that I’ve found helpful and plan to reference again, so it’s all in one place. Some resources are immediately relevant, while others may not become relevant until the future. This page will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Bookmarks to Articles

Designing an investment portfolio and deciding where to invest: White Coat Investor (150 Portfolios Better Than Yours) and JL Collins (Stock Series – Part 6: Portfolio ideas to build and keep your wealth)

How much cash to keep on hand: Physician on FIRE (Top 5 Reasons This Physician Holds $500,000 in Cash)

Words of reassurance or advice when the stock market is crashing or is in a bear market: JL Collins (Stock Series – Part 1: There’s a major market crash coming!!!!) and Get Rich Slowly (What to Do When the Stock Market Crashes)

In case I ever need to access retirement funds early (and a reminder to convert my 401k to a traditional IRA if/when I leave my job): Mad Fientist (How to Access Retirement Funds Early)

If I am ever lucky enough to receive a windfall (e.g., my company has an IPO or gets acquired): Bogleheads (Managing a Windfall) and Reddit (Windfall wiki)


There are too many FIRE-related blogs to come up with a comprehensive list, but the following (in no particular order) are among those that I’ve especially enjoyed or found helpful: JL Collins, Financial Samurai, Physician on FIRE, White Coat Investor, Get Rich Slowly, Mad Fientist, The Money Habit, Mr. Money Mustache

There don’t seem to be many online resources geared toward attorneys who are interested in pursuing financial independence, but here are a few that I’ve come across (and, of course, the content of most FIRE-related blogs are applicable across professions, particularly those written by high-income professionals such as physicians): Biglaw Investor and Thoughts of an Anonymous Lawyer